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Why Victoria's Essentials

Make 2014 the Year to Make The Switch!

Increase your Profit

Are all your profits going to your suppliers?  The cornerstone of Victoria's Essentials an our associated companies are to provide the finest, Natural Spa Treatments and products at ethical prices.  How much does a body wrap cost your Spa?  And how much is this cost affecting your profit margin?  Good business sense includes monitoring treatment costs, so why not move in a more profitable direction with our affordable Wraps Serums and Scrubs?


Offer Chemical-Free Treatments


Read the label!  Most costly Spa Treatments contain chemicals that add little if any real benefit to your clients.  Chemicals preserve, make creams feel softer, act as cheap fillers, and help bind water to oil.  While many of these are safe, do we really need them?  Victoria's Essentials Scrubs, Serums and Wraps are free from chemicals, additives, fillers, use only naturally derived preservatives and contain pure, freshly ground Spices, Herbs, Botanicals and Oils.


Why not make each treatment unique?

The mission of Victoria's Essentials Group has always been to develop and formulate products that are cutting edge, respect the environment and bring to the Spa and Salon unique treatments that help bring new clients to you.  Many of the treatments formulated over the past decade have gone on to be "trends" from larger cosmetic companies years after our release.  Choose Victoria's Essentials to bring trends to your clients years before the competition.


Harness the Power of Nature.


All Victoria's Essentials Treatments contain high levels of natural ingredients including Chocolate, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemongrass, Grape Extracts, Sea Kelp, Honey, Milk, and a host of Extracts and Essential Oils to create our Scrubs, Wraps, Soaks and Moisturisers.  Each treatment is carefully formulated to harmonise botanicals providing effective results without chemical "helpers".


Our Unique Natural Professional Treatments include:

·         Algae Peel Off Hand, Foot and Body Masks

·         Unique hand and foot serums

·         Moisturisers to complete your treatments

·         A range of unique massage oil blends

·         Pedicure Milks & Soaks

·         Vegetable based scrub gels (99.99% chemical free)

·         EcoFibre Manicure, Pedicure Bowls and Treatment Cubes NEW

·         A Natrual Range of Australian Made Spa and Salon Cleaning Products NEW

·         Australian Precious Stone Massage Products   
And much more...


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