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Champagne Himalayan Bath and Foot Soak
Champagne Himalayan Bath and Foot Soak
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900g and 5Kg

Our beautiful Champagne Soak provides a unique experience. Rich in minerals derived from Himalayan Pink Salt, whole Organic Berries and Vine Extracts, feet emerge feeling silky soft and fresh with a soft champagne scent.

Vinotherapy combines traditional Spa Treatments with the anti-oxidant benefits of wine. Working closely with Cosmetic Chemists and Spa Therapists, we developed our range of specialised treatments as the first to contain all aspects of the vine, including Grapeseed Oil, Grapeseed Extract and Grapeskin Extract. All are rich in Phytophenols and Resveratrol, which help fight against free radicals, the leading cause of premature ageing. By utilising the entire spectrum of the vine, our Vinotherapy products immerse the body in all the therapeutic benefits of the grape.
Features Benefits
Rich in Vine Extracts
Unique Pinot Essence Richly scented with the Essence of Wine without the Alcohol Aroma found in Wine.
Colour Free Coloured with natural clay extracts
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