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Electronic Herbal Compress Steamer
Electronic Herbal Compress Steamer
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Electronic Herbal Ball Steamer (Australia only)

Our steamer is ideal for compress steaming and includes a programmable timer for initial steaming and automatic 1 hour warming feature that keeps the compresses warm during the treatment.  Water may be added without removing the steam chamber.  Steam is automatic 30 seconds after programming and ready to use in 10 minutes, which makes treatment timing easy.  Each steamer includes a 12 month replacement warranty provided by Sunbeam Australia.
Features Benefits
Fully Programmable After 15 minute steaming cycle the heat is kept at an optimum temperuture for 60 minutes to maintain hot compresses during the entire treatment
High Steam Chamber Tall enough to hold three 200g Herbal Compresses
Instant Steming Steam is produced in 30 Seconds for the fastest herbal compress heating
Digital Readout LCD Screen digitally displays the remaining treatment time and initial steam time. Time to start can also be programmed
External water fill hole Allows you to add water to the steamer during the treatment
Removable drip tray Collects condensation and compress oils for easy and proper cleaning
Water level indicator External water level indicator allows you to monitor the water level at all times.
Control panel Allows you to preset the desired steaming time or program your steamer to delay start by setting the timer.
12 month Australian Warranty supplied by Sunbeam Australia Peace of mind compared to privately imported steamers
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