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Honeysuckle Cinnamon Body Mask
Honeysuckle Cinnamon Body Mask
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500g (ready-to-use)
1.5kg (ready-to-use)

Our Honeysuckle Cinnamon IONIC Foot Mask contains a blend of Honeysuckle and anti bacterial Cinnamon Extracts combined with Crystal ION 120, White and Green Australian Clays to deeply cleanse the feet.   A sweet Honeysuckle, Cinnamon with a hint of Vanilla scent is left on the skin.  Finish with our Honeysuckle Cinnamon Foot Lotion. 

Crystal ION ™ 120 has the unique ability to extract, trap and eliminate free radicals and positive Ionic particles from the top two layers of the skin. It naturally revitalises, restores and replenishes the skin. Its negative charge also amplifies the positive effects of our ingredients. For example, when blended with Organic Extracts Crystal ION™ 120 amplifies the Green Tea anti-oxidant properties creating a more effective treatment. The negatively charged IONS also make the final product creamier due to the amount of moisture retained.
Active ingredients Active ingredients
Cinnamon Extract Australian White Clay
Australian Green Clay (Olive) Crystal ION 120
Rice Bran Oil Honeysuckle Extract
Cinnamon Essence Honeysuckle Essence
Vanilla Essence Cinnamon Oil
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