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Watergarden Tea Ball Combination Pack
Watergarden Tea Ball Combination Pack
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Watergarden Tea Ball Combination Pack

Cant decide?  This pack Includes 5 different Watergarden Flowing Tea Ball (from our collection of 16 types!)

Simply add your Watergarden Flowering Tea Ball to boiling water and watch the magic happen!  Each ball tea unveils its own broad tea flower followed by the sudden eruption of a  flower plume, made from flowers hand-sewn together end to end. The golden liquor yields a full-bodied flavor intensified by the herbal bloom. Allow the Watergarden tea brew for at least 10 minutes, a longer brewing time will not spoil the tea, the flavour will rather improve. Each Watergarden tea can be used twice with approximately 5 to 6 ml water each time.

100% natural, no additives.

Watergarden Flowering Teas, are all made by hand and made with a newly-innovated special green tea with a lingering floral aroma. This tea is made with the highest grade green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herbal flowers.

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