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Vinotherapie Anti-Oxidant Algae Peel Off Mask
Vinotherapie Anti-Oxidant Algae Peel Off Mask
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Algae Peel Off Wraps
Easy to use - Easy to remove
Our Algae peel-off masks work to firm, re-hydrate, soothe and deeply cleanse.. Our blend of algae detoxifies the skin, while providing intensive re-mineralisation. It also improves circulation, while stabilising metabolic balance. Our  blends nourishes by providing marine algae nutrients combined with specific botanicals that are absorbed into the skin. 

Our Algae Masks are effective, natural treatments that require no wet area, are simple to prepare, set in 15 minutes and peel off cleanly.  The Mask Powder is blended with warm water and applied to seal in vital nutrients and detoxify the skin.  The result is clean, smoother skin which is then balanced with our natural Marine Hydration Creme.
Our Algae Peel Off Body Masks are effective, Natural treatments that cleanse and detoxify without the need for a wet area - a positive for the environment as well as cost saving.  They are quick to prepare, easy to apply and peel of cleanly, without attaching to body hair.

Vinothérapie combines traditional Spa Treatments with the benefits of the vine. Our latest Vinothérapie treatment is a unique algae peel off body mask.  Vine Extracts, Deep Sea Brown Algae & Collagen provide a deeply detoxifying treatment that contains natural phytophenols and Resveratrol, which help fight against free radicals, the leading cause of premature ageing.

Simply blend the Mask Powder with warm water, apply with spatula.  Leave 10-15mins, peel off and remove residue with a damp cloth.
SPECIAL - Receive 2 Silicon Mixing Bowls and Spatulas With Each Peel Off Mask Order ($ 20.00 Value!)
Active Ingredients Benefits
Brown Algae
Cucumber Extract
Hydrolysed Collagen (from seaweed)
Vitamins C and E
Chocolate Essence
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