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Victoria's Essentials PediSpa Range
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Victoria's Essentials PediSpa Range
PediSpa Range

The Perfect Complement to our Eco-Friendly Pedicure Bowls, our new PediSpa Range brings our expertise in developing the finest Natural Spa Tratments to a dedicated Pedicure Spa Ritual.
Chai Spice Body LotionChai Spice Body Lotion
Chai Spice Foot MaskChai Spice Foot Mask
Chai Spice Himalayan Foot SoakChai Spice Himalayan Foot Soak
Chai Spice Scrub GelChai Spice Scrub Gel
Coconut Ylang Body LotionCoconut Ylang Body Lotion
Coconut Ylang Himalayan Foot SoakCoconut Ylang Himalayan Foot Soak
Coconut Ylang Hydro Acgtiv Scrub GelCoconut Ylang Hydro Acgtiv Scrub Gel
Coconut Ylang Wrap (Dry Concentrate)Coconut Ylang Wrap (Dry Concentrate)
Ginger and Lemongrass Body LotionGinger and Lemongrass Body Lotion
Ginger and Lemongrass IONIC WrapGinger and Lemongrass IONIC Wrap
Ginger Lemongrass Himalayan Foot SoakGinger Lemongrass Himalayan Foot Soak
Ginger Lemongrass Hydro Activ Scrub GelGinger Lemongrass Hydro Activ Scrub Gel
Sea Mineral and Mint Body LotionSea Mineral and Mint Body Lotion
Sea Mineral and Mint Foot MaskSea Mineral and Mint Foot Mask
Sea Mineral Mint Himalayan Foot SoakSea Mineral Mint Himalayan Foot Soak
Sea Mineral Mint Hydro Activ Scrub GelSea Mineral Mint Hydro Activ Scrub Gel
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