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Victoria's Essentials Australian IONIC Dry Mask Concentrates

IONIC Therapeutic Dry Wrap Concentrates

Back by popular demand!

Victoria’s Essentials Professional IONIC Dry Wraps are a fusion of science and nature to provide deeply nourishing Treatments that revitalise the skin with active Botanicals, Essentials Oils and Humectants. IONIC Wraps are the first Wraps to contain Crystal ION 120 TM, a micronised crystal that carries an Ionic charge. It pulls free radicals from the skin, which rejuvenates and revitalises on a cellular level.

Our IONIC wraps are provided in dry concentrate and are easy to use.  1Kg of mask makes over 2Kg of wrap.

Blood Orange and Fig IONIC Body MaskBlood Orange and Fig IONIC Body Mask
Chocolate IONIC Body MaskChocolate IONIC Body Mask
Ginger and Lemongrass IONIC Foot MaskGinger and Lemongrass IONIC Foot Mask
Honeysuckle Cinnamon IONIC Body MaskHoneysuckle Cinnamon IONIC Body Mask
Imari IONIC Body MaskImari IONIC Body Mask
Indian Sandalwood IONIC Body MaskIndian Sandalwood IONIC Body Mask
Organic Desert Lime IONIC Body MaskOrganic Desert Lime IONIC Body Mask
Vinothérapie Chardonnay IONIC MaskVinothérapie Chardonnay IONIC Mask
Vinothérapie Pinot Noir IONIC Body MaskVinothérapie Pinot Noir IONIC Body Mask
White Tea Passionflower IONIC Body MaskWhite Tea Passionflower IONIC Body Mask
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