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Victoria's Essentials Summer Specials

Victoria's Essentials Warehouse Specials
Victoria's Essentials
Warehouse Specials

Victoria's Essentials is renovating and we need more space!  

Manicure Pedicure Products

Resin Pedicure BowlsResin Pedicure Bowls

Australian Handmade Stone Sets

Digital Stone heater (6 Litre)Digital Stone heater (6 Litre)
Dreamtime Granite Warm Stone SetDreamtime Granite Warm Stone Set
Kakadu Granite Warm Stone SetKakadu Granite Warm Stone Set

Peel Off Masks


Flameless Candles

Cinnamon/Coconut Flameless CandlesCinnamon/Coconut Flameless Candles
Jasmine/Mint Flameless CandlesJasmine/Mint Flameless Candles
Unscented Ivory Flameless CandlesUnscented Ivory Flameless Candles
Vanilla Flameless CandlesVanilla Flameless Candles
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