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The Depilar System, which is applied by trained professionals, works on men and women of all ages, skin type or color, or hair color or thickness, assuming they have no counter-indication to waxing, sugaring, etc. The Depilar System uses natural enzymes and has been tested for adverse effects on human beings and no adverse effects were found.

For maximum results the Depilar System is used in conjunction with waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing where the hair is removed by the root. When waxing, the hair must be at least ¼ inch (6mm) in length to ensure the hair is removed by the root, and the follicles are left empty enabling the Depilar System enzyme-based gels to enter the empty follicles. The Depilar System has not been tested on animals.


In very rare cases a small local urticarial rash can result that will disappear within 48 hours. For clients sensitive to 
salicylic acid you should spot test before a full Depilar Application.

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