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Teapots by Victoria's Essentials

Our Tea Pots have been hand selected for their beauty and elegance.  Our collection includes Japanese Traditional Iron and Modern Glass Teapots, 
Tea Cups, Teapot warmers and accessories. Make serving tea an experience your clients will enjoy.

Category Products

Cast Iron Dragonfly Purple TeapotCast Iron Dragonfly Purple Teapot
Cast Iron Grate Warmer with Tea LightCast Iron Grate Warmer with Tea Light
Cast Iron Hobnail TeapotCast Iron Hobnail Teapot
Cast Iron Moroccan TeapotCast Iron Moroccan Teapot
Cast Iron Relection Brown TeapotCast Iron Relection Brown Teapot
Cast Iron Teapot Green 700mlCast Iron Teapot Green 700ml
Glass Teapot  700mlGlass Teapot 700ml
Glass Teapot 1LtGlass Teapot 1Lt
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