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Thai Herbal Compress Balls

Thai Herbal Compress Balls

Our chemical free, natural Thai Herbal Compresses as they are:-

  1. Firm for deep tissue treatments
  2. 100% natural and derived from organic ingredients
  3. AQIS certified
  4. Not fumigated
  5. All cotton is undyed

The History of Thai Herbal Compress Balls

For centuries the Thai people have been using dried herbs to treat many different aliments in the body. One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is used in the form of an herbal compress. For centuries this ball was typically used on soldiers returning from battle to get immediate responses to inflammation from wounds and injuries. It was also used for treating soreness and pain from tired, achy muscles and joints.

Our Natural Compresses are high quality, AQIS Certified and non-fumigated, as well as:-

- firm enough for deep tissue treatments
- derived from organic ingredients
- made form natural, undyed cotton

This increasingly popular modality surrounds clients with thearpeutic aromas and provides deep heat to alleviate aches and stress.  It also helps remove toxins that cause inflammation, improves muscle tension, and eases aches and pains.

The Herbal Compress treatment is more than a massage, it is an active treatment that works on muscles, the lymphatic system and overall body health through the inhalation of the herbs. 

All Herbal Balls are made with Organic Herbs within international standardized GMP & ISO factory Certification in accordance to FDA ASEAN Harmonization Regulations and Rules.

All About Quality

After thorough evaluation of the entire Thai Herbal Compress marketplace, We have chosen our Compresses for their exceptional quality, natural and organic ingredients and the manufacturer's social ideologies in helping the local farmers.

All Herbal Balls are carefully hand-made containing only the finest Organic Herbs and Natural Raw Materials  within International standardized GMP & ISO factory certification in accordance to FDA ASEAN Harmonization regulation and Rule.

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