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Ionic Ready To Use Masks

Victoria's Essentials Ionic Ready To Use Crystal ION 120 Masks
 Ready to Use Crystal ION 120 Masks

IONIC Therapy - Harnessing the Power of Nature   
For over ten years Victoria's Essentials has been supplying Spas Worldwide with the these unique body wraps.  Over this time we have formulated over 40 variations of our IONIC Masks, including the World's first IONIC Vinotherapy Wrap.

These Wraps differ from all other wraps by incorporating nature to cleanse the skin on a cellular level by the use of catonic exchange. CRYSTAL ION 120 is a rare pink crystal found in the Australian outback and is one of the only minerals to contain a negative IONIC charge.  We finely powder this crystal and use it in all our wraps to draw the positively charged free radicals from the skin (like a magnet to steel!).

Once the wrap is washed from the skin the skin feels revived and energised.  For more details read below.
What is Crystal ION 120?  
Australian Crystal ION 120 is an ultra-fine, active semi-precious stone that contains a high level of Natural Negative electrically charged Ions.  

How do Negative IONS Work? 
Positive IONS (also known as free radicals) build up in the skin and progress the ageing process.  These free radicals are increased by elements such as smoking, diet, alcohol, sun, pollution and stress.  Imagine Negative IONS as molecular magnets drawing toxic free radicals from the skin and the layer just beneath.  
The ability to generate a Negative IONIC Charge gives this powerful toxin eliminator the ability to absorb, store and ultimately neutralise toxins on and under the skin’s surface.  The detoxifying process means that it also cleans, clarifies and soothes the skin as it works.  Once these microscopic “cages” have drawn and trapped the pollutants and free radicals from the skin, the IONIC Wrap is then rinsed away, flushing away the toxins. 
We use Australian Crystal ION 120, an amazing Natural Mineral termed "nature's blotter" because of its extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release, and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, toxins and IONS according to the body’s needs.    
A Wrap containing Crystal ION not only extracts free radicals from the skin’s layers, it also increases the benefits of Natural Botanicals and Humectants.  With this in mind, we have formulated our IONIC treatments for maximum effectiveness by adding Extracts, pure Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts and other skin nourishing ingredients to bring visible benefits to the skin.  

Benefits of Crystal ION 120 include:  
  • Effective detoxifying and anti-oxidant properties 
  • Helps balance acid skin conditions 
  • Soothes irritated or itchy skin 
  • Helps ease fluid retention 
  • Improves the consistency of treatment, giving it a softer, creamier texture that is easy to remove   

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