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About Thai Herbal Compress Balls

Thai Herbal Compress Balls

Patawe Thai Herbal Compress Balls are the World's Finest Products

Here is our story....

Victoria's Essentials spent 6 months searching for the finest Thai Herbal Compress Treatment.  

Our chcklist:

  1. Must be extremely firm for deep tissue treatments
  2. Must be 100% natural and derived from organic ingredients
  3. Must be AQIS certified
  4. Must be made fresh to order
  5. All cotton must be virgin.  If dyes are used, must be vegetable in origin
  6. Must have a range of sizes for precise treatments
  7. Must have a variety of aromatics
Only one compress met our standards - Patawe!

The History of Thai Herbal Compress Balls

For centuries the Thai people have been using dried herbs to treat many different aliments in the body. One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is used in the form of an herbal compress. For centuries this ball was typically used on soldiers returning from battle to get immediate responses to inflammation from wounds and injuries. It was also used for treating soreness and pain from tired, achy muscles and joints.

For years spas in Europe and more recently in Australia, Spas have been using the power of the herbal compress to bring clients into an ancient world of the past, surrounding them with rich enticing aromas and deep moist heat that alleviate stress from everyday living.

Massage clinics have also started treating clients with the herbal compress, using them in Thai massage treatments. This is the perfect method for the removal of toxins that cause inflammation, improving muscle tone tension, and easing aches and pains from many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries.

More About Herbal Compress Balls

The Herbal treatment is more than a massage, it is an active treatment that works on muscles, the lymphatic system and overall body health through the inhalation of the herbal steam.

Victoria’s Essentials has worked closely with Thailand’s leading manufacturer of the highest quality Organic Herbal Compress Balls to exclusively offer Australian Spas these unique treatments.  Each ball is handmade using only the highest quality Wildcrafted herbs and the finest quality cotton fabric to achieve superior results. 

All About Quality

After thorough evaluation of the entire Thai Herbal Compress marketplace, We have chosen Patawe (Thai for Earth) Herbal compresses for their exceptional quality, dedication to the use of natural and organic ingredients and their social ideologies in helping the local farmers.

All Herbal Balls are carefully hand-made containing only the finest Organic Herbs and Natural Raw Materials  within international standardized GMP & ISO factory certification in accordance to FDA ASEAN Harmonization regulation and Rule.

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