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Treatment Spotlight
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Victoria's Essentials Treatment Spotlight
Our Newest Vinothérapie Treatments

Five years after launching our Vinothérapie 'Red Wine' Spa Treatments, we are offering our '2010 Vintage' of Vinothérapie 'White Wine' Treatments.  Let 2010 be the Year of the Vine for your Spa and let your clients enjoy the antioxidant, anti-ageing benefits of wine therapy with:-
  • Chardonnay Massage Oil
  • Chardonnay Massage Gel
  • Chardonnay Facial Derma Gel
  • Chardonnay Body Exfoliating Gel
  • Chardonnay IONIC Body Wrap
  • Champagne Bath & Foot Soak
  • Chardonnay Body Cream

New for 2010 are our unique Hydro-Activ Gel formulations.  Based on pure Vegetable Extract, our Hydro-Activ Gels offer extended 'slip' when massaging - perfect for clients not wanting oil based products and easy to clean post treatment.  Hydro-Activ Gels also act to tighten and firm skin and are 100% free from chemicals or animal by-product.

Victoria's Essentials is the first Australian company to offer a complete range of Professional Vinothérapie Treatments, the first to offer Vinothérapie IONIC Treatments and the first to offer dry concentrated Vinothérapie Treatments.  We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy them.

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BΘDHI Stone Ritual

Stones have a wonderful cosmetic and aesthetic value in a Salon, Clinic or Spa environment and hot or cold Stones also have deeply therapeutic benefits.  Our unique Bodhi Stones are the perfect way to introduce your staff and clients to Stone Therapy.  Or if you already offer Stone Therapy it can be an affordable addition to your Spa menu. 

The BΘDHI Stone, a one-piece, hand carved Oriental Jade & Jasper Stones are shaped like the Indian BΘDHI Tree.  Designed for its ease of use it relieves stress on the Therapist's hands, allowing them to massage with ease, using slight pressure during a relaxing traditional massage (round stones) or a deeper tissue massage (oval stones).  The BΘDHI Stones are dipped in a warm massage oil blend with pure butters that nourish the skin as the stones glide over the body like silk.

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natural professional treatments for mums-to-be

M2B is about treating the unique challenges to women’s skin, health and well being during pregnancy and our Natural specialty products are formulated as safe and effective treatments. During pregnancy, the bodies EFA levels are at their lowest.  This has a direct affect the skin’s elasticity, which can accelerate the ageing process and often lead to stretch marks. To combat these effects our products contain ingredients that supplement the level of EFA's directly where they are needed. 

Expectant Mothers deserve pampering too and our unique blend of pregnancy-safe Essential Oils give a feeling of relaxation.   The many changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy makes it is vital to keep the skin supple, conditioned and nourished to aid elasticity.  Our products contain Natural active ingredients that smooth, condition and soothe the skin during all stages of pregnancy and after birth.  All contain high levels of essential fatty acids (EFA's), specifically Omega 3, 6 & 9, which are crucial to cell membranes in the body, including the skin.

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