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Organic Spa Teas
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Organic Spa Teas and infusions

Certified Organic Spa Teas

Spa tea

There is nothing more enjoyable than the fresh taste of hand crafted, loose-leaf Herbal Tea and our delicious, beneficial Teas are a welcome addition to any Spa or Salon.

Some benefits include:-

  • relief of stomach and digestive problems
  • provide antioxidants and cleansing properties for the body
  • promote energy and wellness
  • strengthen the immune system
  • boost energy levels and invigorate the body
  • help relieve stress
  • stimulate the internal organs
  • caffeine free
Our Organic blends are fragrant and refreshing. Our passion for freshness ensures fresh herbs that help Cleanse, Revitalise, Detoxify and Calm - a delicious end to a relaxing treatment!

All Victoria's Essentials Spa Teas are caffeine free and 100% Natural

NEW All Spa Teas are now available in "brandless" resealable retail pouches.  Perfect for selling your "signature" Spa Tea!!! 100% Mark-up.

Category Products

Cleansing Organic Spa TeaCleansing Organic Spa Tea
Detox Organic Spa TeaDetox Organic Spa Tea
Dreamtime Organic Spa TeaDreamtime Organic Spa Tea
Ginger lemongrass Organic Herbal TeaGinger lemongrass Organic Herbal Tea
Peppermint Leaf Herbal TeaPeppermint Leaf Herbal Tea
Revitalising Organic Spa TeaRevitalising Organic Spa Tea
Serenity Organic Spa TeaSerenity Organic Spa Tea
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