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Victoria's Essentials October Newsletter

Spa News

Issue 1                                                                       29 September 2007

victorias essentials green tea milk bath

Welcome to our first edition Spa Newsletter!

Victoria’s essentials is a company dedicated exclusively to Spas and Salons in providing interesting and unusual Spa Treatments.  All our products are encompassed into a "Ritual", a menu of treatments that immerse the client into a total head to toe experience and provide the Spa Professional with a ready to use Themed Spa menu. We have formulated these Rituals in conjunction with Australia's leading Spas in order to provide effective results that set our Spa partners apart from the competition.  All our Rituals include unique Facial and Body Exfoliation Creams, Moisturisers, Pedi Scrubs and the centrepiece of the treatment, our IONIC Face and Body Masks.  All our products contain very high amounts of botanicals, natural humectants and rare exfoliates all formulated for instant results.

For more information on our products visit us at www.victoriasessentials.com

Ritual Spotlight: Vinotherapy victoria's essentials vino clay mask

There are many tales on the birth of Vinotherapy, some true and some just myth, but the fact is that most "Vinotherapy" products contain little in the way of Grape Vine ingredients.  This is what drove us to put the vine back into Vinotherapy.

There are many elements to Vinotherapy including; Antioxidant, Moisturising, Nourishing and Aromatherapeutic aspects.  These aspects are provided not by one Vine Product, but by several.  For that reason, we chose to use ALL aspects of the vine including Grapeseed Butter, Grapeseed Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Grapeseed Oil and Red Grape Essence. The result is a Treatment Ritual, unlike any other, that bathes your client in a total Vinotherapy Regime.

Victoria's Essentials has chosen a unique approach to Vinotherapy.  Instead of a wide range of Retail "Vinotherapy" products as produced by mainstream companies, our Vinotherapy Treatments Range is formulated for Spa use only and includes a complete head to toe menu we call a Ritual.

This ritual includes:

Shiraz Facial Smoother - A Spa first! Our Shiraz Facial Smoother is formulated for facials with Micronised Walnut Exfoliate suspended in a unique, creamy, whipped massage oil.  This natural, concentrated blend looks like a cream, but melts upon touch into a warming massage oil that ensures a lasting exfoliation treatment that will leave the skin soft and silky.

Shiraz Body Smoother - Our Shiraz Body Smoother is a combination of rare exfoliates of Pure Cranberry and Walnut Exfoliates suspended in our unique, creamy, whipped massage oil. 

Pinot Noir Mask - Our Mask is suitable for face and body and deeply moisturises, detoxifies and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Our Pinot Noir masks is rich in humectants, Botanicals and contains all five vine ingredients to give maximum anti-oxidant value. Your clients will immediately feel the moisturising effects of this mask.  As with all our Vinothérapie products, our Mask contains our Red Wine Essence.  

Vinothérapie Facial Moisturiser - A rich, unscented facial cream designed for the delicate facial area. This is the perfect re-balancing moisturiser formulated to leave the skin feeling soft and silky. In addition to our anti-oxidant rich Oxyvinatrol, our moisturiser contains Shea & Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Avocado and Macadamia Oils to nourish and replenish the skin.

Pinot Noir Body Moisturiser - Formulated to rebalance the skins natural PH balance post treatment, our Pinot Noir Body Moisturiser is formulated for the body and contains Vitamin E, natural humectants, Vine Extracts and Oxyvinatrol. This moisturiser is lightly scented with the sweet aroma of Pinot Noir.  

Burgundy Bath Soak - Let your clients soak away their stress in our mineral rich Burgundy Bath Soak while taking in the relaxing Red Wine Essence. We have created the first completely natural Vinotherapy product combining Vine Extracts with a rich blend of minerals derived from both Land and Sea. 

Pinot Noir Bath Concentrate - Victoria's Essentials Pinot Noir Bath Gel Concentrate is a concentrated Burgundy Bath. This unique Wine Bath Gel contains Vine Extracts and Humectants, allowing your clients to absorb all the anti-oxidising effects while taking in the sweet aroma of Pinot Noir. This Ritual is formulated for instant results that the client will notice, a softer, softly scented, rejuvenated skin. 

New Recipe for all Scrubs and Massage Creams!

In our goal to produce the finest products available, we have reformulated all our smoothers and massage creams to provide more cosmetic benefits for your clients. A culmination of months of Research and Development has evolved into a collection of the finest smoothers and massage creams we have ever experienced. Our next Newsletter will feature more information on these incredible products!

The new products contain no petroleum by-products, harsh chemicals and no paraffin waxes and are 99% natural. 

Here is a list of what we do include:      

  • Elaeis Guinensis [Palm] Oil
  • Beeswax [Cosmetic Grade] 
  • Cocos Nucifera [Coconut] Oil
  • Butyrospermum Parkii [Shea Butter]
  • Helianthus Annuus [Sunflower] Seed Oil
  • Glycerine [Vegetable derived]
  • Mangifera Indica [Mango] Seed Butter
  • Simmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba] Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E

New to the Site : Cost Estimator

To help Spas price their treatments, we have created a treatment estimator a table that totals the cost per treatment for our products and totals the cost for an entire ritual cost. Our cost estimator is available only to approved wholesale customers.  If you are a Wholesale customer, login here. If you are not yet a Wholesale Customer you may apply here  

All Victoria’s essentials products are proudly  Made in Australia

For more information on our products visit us at http://www.victoriasessentials.com/

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