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Spa Treatments
Victoria's Essentials Online Store

Victoria’s Essentials is dedicated to supplying quality Natural products to Spas and Salons worldwide. Our products are formulated for Professional Spa use. Our goal is to create highly effective, unique products that enable our customers to offer their clients Spa Treatments that show immediate benefits.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact us.-

 T: 1300 88 78 24 or sales@victoriasessentials.com.

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Australian Olive Green Clay 1kgAustralian Olive Green Clay 1kg 
Australian Green Clay is detoxifying and suitable for use in both health and beauty treatments.  It is a natural product so the colour may vary in tone.  On application the Clay is an olive green colour on the skin.
In beauty treatments the slightly acid pH level of the clay leaves the skin glowing with health and radiance.  Blend with White Clay if a gentler action is required.
Australian Pink Clay 1kgAustralian Pink Clay 1kgAustralian Pink Clay has a gentle firming and toning action on the skin.  Its delicate colour enhances face masks and other skin care preparations.  Pink Clay is especially recommended as a gentle pick me up for young skin.  This clay is a true Pink clay rather than a blend of White and Red  Clay.