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Spa Treatments
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Victoria’s Essentials is dedicated to supplying quality Natural products to Spas and Salons worldwide. Our products are formulated for Professional Spa use. Our goal is to create highly effective, unique products that enable our customers to offer their clients Spa Treatments that show immediate benefits.


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HydroActiv Foot Treatments
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Blood Orange and Fig Hydro Actv Scrub GelBlood Orange and Fig Hydro Actv Scrub Gel

Hydro-Activ Scrub Gel
450g and 900ml

Sicilian Bitter Orange and Certified Organic Fig Extract are added to our vegetable based gel with a combination of Volcanic Pumice and ground Walnut shell to gently and effectively exfoliate.  Feet are left feeling soft and clean.

Certified Organic Desert Lime Scrub GelCertified Organic Desert Lime Scrub Gel
Australian Desert Lime is the inspiration for our Scrub Gel as a rich form of Vitamin C that has been used by indigenous people for thousands of years. Certified Organic Desert Lime, Pineapple Extracts and soothing Marshmallow Extract are blended with our natural, vegetable base.  A combination of crushed Walnut Shell and Volcanic Pumice provide the perfect scrub with a tangy, tropical aroma.
Chai Spice Scrub GelChai Spice Scrub Gel450g and 900g sizes

Our Moroccan inspired Scrub gel brings together a combination of Moisturising Botalincals, Emoliants and Essential Oils including Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove Bud for a warming, sensual finish to our Citrus Spice Ritual.

Chocolate Hydro-activ Scrub GelChocolate Hydro-activ Scrub Gel450g

One of our most popular treatments. The Natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties of honey help protect the skin from sun damage and support the skin's ability to rejuvenate and refresh depleted cells, leaving it feeling silky soft and supple. Honey also absorbs impurities from the pores, making it an ideal cleansing agent.
Coconut Ylang Hydro Acgtiv Scrub GelCoconut Ylang Hydro Acgtiv Scrub Gel450g and 900g sizes

Our Island inspired PediScrub Gel is a chemical free gel. free from acylics found in most commercial products and is rich in Rice Bran, Coconut, French Ylang Ylang oils for a intoxicating escape to the tropics!  Rather than cheap Salt and sugar, we use volcanic ash to help smooth feet.
All natural ingredients

Ginger Lemongrass Hydro Activ Scrub GelGinger Lemongrass Hydro Activ Scrub Gel450gm & 900gm jars

Draw out harmful pollutants trapped in the skin from everyday exposure to impurities with this Hydro-Activ Green Tea Scrub Gel, A formulation of antioxidant-rich green tea extract, stimulating ginger, and cleansing lemongrass leave skin detoxified, burden-free and tingly refreshed while ground Walnut and Volcanic Pumice sweep away dead skin cells.

Honeysuckle Cinnamon Hydro Activ Scrub GelHoneysuckle Cinnamon Hydro Activ Scrub Gel450g & 900gm sizes

An aromatic and effective Scrub Gel formulated to naturally cleanse and deodorise feet.  Honeysuckle and Cinnamon Extracts are combined with our natural oil free base to leave feet feeling soft and cleansed with the sweet aroma of honeysuckle and fresh cinnamon - an exquisite treatment clients will love.  
Imari Hydro Activ Scrub GelImari Hydro Activ Scrub Gel
The Imari Ritual is rich in the Oriental aromas of Gardenia, Mandarin and Jasmine. Our unique Scrub Gel is a 100% natural ultra concentrated gel scrub concentrate containing Organic Extracts including Lemon Aspen, Marshmallow and Green Tea bring an Australian twist to this Japanese Ritual. 

Indian Sandalwood Hydro Activ Scrub GelIndian Sandalwood Hydro Activ Scrub Gel450g Jar

Bring the essence of the sacred Indian Sandalwood Ritual to your clients with our new Spa Treatment. Our unique Scrub Gel is a 100% natural ultra concentrated gel scrub concentrate containing pure Indian Sandalwood Powder and Certified Organic Kakadu Plum, Lillypilly and Quangdong Extracts bring an Australian twist to this Indian Ritual. 

Organic Thyme and Mint Scrub GelOrganic Thyme and Mint Scrub Gel

Hydro Activ Scrub Gel

Organic Thyme & Mint Foot Scrub Gel Formulated to smooth and refresh tired feet, this Natural Scrub Gel combines our unique combination of cooling Essential Oils, Sea minerals to relieve tired feet, Certified Organic
Thyme & Pumice remove dead skin cells to deeply cleanse and soothe the feet.

Organic White Tea Passionflower Scrub GelOrganic White Tea Passionflower Scrub Gel450g and 900g sizes

Bring The Australian Summer to your Spa Menu  with our new Organic White Tea Passionflower IONIC Body Mask.  Aromatically rich with Fig, Passionflower and Pineapple, our WTP Ritual will soothe stressed and sensitive skin with extracts of Certified Organic White Tea, Passionflower and Pinapple Extracts. 
All natural ingredients

Sea Mineral Mint Hydro Activ Scrub GelSea Mineral Mint Hydro Activ Scrub Gel450g and 900g sizes

Our cooling Sea Mineral Pedi Scrub Gel is a chemical free gel. free from acylics found in most commercial products and is rich in essential oils of Peppermint, Clove, Menthol, Gardenia, and a blend of deep Sea Minerals. Rather than cheap Salt and sugar, we use volcanic ash to help smooth feet.

Vinotherapie Pinot Noir Hydro Activ Scrub GelVinotherapie Pinot Noir Hydro Activ Scrub Gel450g Jar

Our unique Vinotherapie Scrub Gel is a 100% natural ultraconcentrated gel scrub concentrate containing vine ingredients, including Grapeseed Extract, Grapeskin Extract, Grapeseed Oil and Red Grape Extract, it provides a complete antioxidant and detoxification treatment.  Lightly fragranced with our red wine essence, it leaves skin feeling soft, supple and fresh.

Vinothérapie Chardonnay Scrub GelVinothérapie Chardonnay Scrub GelVinothérapie Chardonnay Exfoliating Gel

Our Chardonnay Body Exfoliating Gel is the perfect oil free body exfoliator. Australian Vine Extracts including Grapeseed Oil, Grapeseed, Grapeskin and Grape Fruit Extracts are combined with Ground Walnut for a natural cleansing exfoliation.