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Spa Treatments
Victoria's Essentials Online Store

Victoria’s Essentials is dedicated to supplying quality Natural products to Spas and Salons worldwide. Our products are formulated for Professional Spa use. Our goal is to create highly effective, unique products that enable our customers to offer their clients Spa Treatments that show immediate benefits.


If you have questions or would like more information please contact us.-

 T: 1300 88 78 24 or sales@victoriasessentials.com.

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Basil Orange Peppermint Himalayan Foot SoakBasil Orange Peppermint Himalayan Foot SoakNEW PRODUCT

After a long day feet can feel sore and tired. A Blend of Epson and pure Himalayan Pink salt, our Natural soothing foot bath with mineral-enriched sea salt with Basil, Orange, and Peppermint Essential Oils stimulates circulation to refresh and revitalise tired feet.
Champagne Himalayan Bath and Foot SoakChampagne Himalayan Bath and Foot Soak

900g and 5Kg

Our beautiful Champagne Soak provides a unique experience. Rich in minerals derived from Himalayan Pink Salt, whole Organic Berries and Vine Extracts, feet emerge feeling silky soft and fresh with a soft champagne scent.

Ginger Lemongrass Himalayan Foot SoakGinger Lemongrass Himalayan Foot Soak900g Pack

A blend of mineral and Sea Salt, Certified Organic Extracts and Ginger and Lemongrass Essential Oils for the perfect cleansing treatment.
Honeysuckle Cinnamon SoakHoneysuckle Cinnamon Soak900g and 5 Kg Sizes

Mineral rich Australian Amber Salt, Organic Honeysuckle Flowers & Stems, Organic Cinnamon Chips Cinnamon Extract are combined to make our therapeutic Foot Soak. Cinnamon has anti bacterial properties, constricts and tones tissues and relieves stiffness in muscles and joints. As the botanicals rise to the surface of the bowl, the sweet aroma of honeysuckle and fresh cinnamon is released - an exquisite treatment clients will love.
Sea Mineral Mint Himalayan Foot SoakSea Mineral Mint Himalayan Foot Soak1Kg
Our cooling Sea Mineral Foot Soak is a chemical formulation of Mineral and Sea salts and is rich in essential oils of Peppermint, Clove, Menthol, Gardenia, and a blend of deep Sea Minerals.