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Spa Treatments
Victoria's Essentials Online Store

Victoria’s Essentials is dedicated to supplying quality Natural products to Spas and Salons worldwide. Our products are formulated for Professional Spa use. Our goal is to create highly effective, unique products that enable our customers to offer their clients Spa Treatments that show immediate benefits.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact us.-

 T: 1300 88 78 24 or sales@victoriasessentials.com.

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AHA Papaya Enzyme Algae Peel Off MaskAHA Papaya Enzyme Algae Peel Off MaskPapaya contains a nutrient-rich enzyme that dissolves unwanted proteins and other dead materials on the surface of the skin.  The Papaya enzyme works to open pores, exfoliate, promote the turnover of skin cells dead skin cells, soften and improve the overall skin tone.  Vitamin C and Potassium soften and revitalise the skin.
Chocolate Indulgence Algae Peel Off MaskChocolate Indulgence Algae Peel Off MaskA treatment for Chocolate lovers!  A blend of Deep Sea Brown Algae, Vitamin C, Cucumber Extract, Cocoa and Chocolate essence make this a soothing, moisturising and sweet smelling experience.
Green Tea Detoxifying Algae Peel Off MaskGreen Tea Detoxifying Algae Peel Off Mask

An anti-oxidant body treatment that helps to revitalise skin cells. Green Tea Extract contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols that help eliminate free radicals and safeguard healthy cells, while eliminating toxins to deeply cleanse the skin. Especially beneficial for acne prone skin. Vitamin E and Plant based Collagen hydrate and repair sun damaged skin.

Marine Mud Firming Algae Peel Off MaskMarine Mud Firming Algae Peel Off Mask
A nourishing Mask containing vital minerals and trace elements found only in Marine Mud.  A Natural cooling effect firms the skin and Deep Sea Brown Algae adds another layer of Vitamins and minerals to revitalise.  
Vinotherapie Anti-Oxidant Algae Peel Off MaskVinotherapie Anti-Oxidant Algae Peel Off MaskVinothérapie combines traditional Spa Treatments with the benefits of the vine. Our latest Vinothérapie treatment is a unique algae peel off body mask.  Vine Extracts, Deep Sea Brown Algae & Collagen provide a deeply detoxifying treatment that contains natural phytophenols and Resveratrol, which help fight against free